Sunday, October 5, 2008

the resurrection of polkadot beats has come.

I officially moved to LA about 3 months ago and have experienced many off the chain musical shows (man man, crystal antlers, learning music, etc). The most recent was David Byrne at the Greek theatre. Thanks to a very generous friend with a free ticket, I got to enjoy Mr. Byrne shake his hips like it was 1984. That and the hilarious interpretive dancers behind him.

Secondly, thanks to my musically savvy friends I’ve been recently listening to James Figurine “Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake” (After a failed attempt to get it on vinyl, I settled for the CD) & R Kelly’s “12th play 4th quarter” album. These two albums are pretty much amazing on totally different scales.

And my third thanks, goes to my 8 to 5 adult, salary paying, health benefits included, job which allowed me to purchase my set of technics 1200s plus a 3 channel numark sound mixer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that December raise and Christmas bonus. Who ever came up with that superstition of keeping your fingers crossed for good luck…?

So LA isn’t so bad…granted there are major things that I hate about this town (e.g. traffic, traffic, bad LA drivers, smog, the Hollywood crowd, traffic, not being able to find parking anywhere, traffic) BUT like I said I really do LOVE living here.

mas to come.