Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm hot for the new hot chip album.

Well, yes, I know it’s not a very creative title and it’s probably been done before but this is the best I could come up with after being under the influence of Tylenol cold meds, Claritin, benadryl, two glasses of pinot noir and the latest episode of project runway. If you need confirmation, ask Jen and Kristen. And yes, ladies I did make it home safe and sound.

Now, to this post. Hot chip. Listen up you hipsters and in denial hipsters, it’s out. The new hotchip album is sensational to say the least. It ranges from your dancy electronic numbers to your R. Kelly R&B tributes (With a funny white boy take on it, it’s a tune called “wrestlers”), you’ll only get bored after repeating it five times.
My favs. include “ready for the floor”, “one pure thought,” and “made in the dark”. That about does it for my official second post. I’ll see you kids at booty bar this weekend on the dance floor.

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Kristen said...

Can you burn me a copy?`1